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Spring into Horror #Readathon - #Prizes #SpringHorror

This is the giveaway/prize promotion page for all the prizes being given away for the readathon. We have several amazing book prizes donated from myself, and some very generous authors! At the end of this post, you will find details regarding how the prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the readathon. You will also find the form to fill out if you're interested in winning a prize.

Note: The fine authors who so generously donated books would greatly appreciate a review, if you win, on your blog and/or on Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you!

THE LUCIFER GENOME: A Conspiracy Thriller by Glen Craney and John Jeter
( 1 2 3 Digital copies-Kindle or ePub-International)

Someone with lots of guns and money has stolen the world's oldest human DNA. Recruited back into action to solve the heist, retired Defense Intelligence Agency operative Cas Fielding believes the mystery lies deep inside the core of a precious shard that fell to Earth thousands of years ago. Teaming up with sultry geophysicist, he descends into the global underground meteorite market and soon finds himself trapped between a rock and an Apocalyptic hard place.

This book was a great thriller. I couldn't put it down.
-- Goodreads reader

[A] fast-paced thriller which takes you on a very entertaining adventure.
-- Goodreads reader
Dan Brown meets Carl Hiassen--Big Thumbs Up!
-- Amazon reviewer

The Go-To weekend Summer thriller read!
-- Amazon reviewer

Paperback: 275 pages
Ebook (Kindle/Kobo/Nook/iBooks/Smashwords)
Publisher: Brigid's Fire Press (2014)
ISBN-10: 0981648460
ISBN-13: 978-0981648460

About the authors

A graduate of Indiana University School of Law and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Glen Craney is a novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. He practiced trial law before joining the Washington, D.C. press corps to cover national politics and the Iran-contra trial for Congressional Quarterly magazine. The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences awarded him the Nicholl Fellowship for best new screenwriting, and he has been a three-time finalist for Foreword Reviews Book-of-the-Year Award. His historical fiction has taken readers to Occitania during the Albigensian Crusade, to the Scotland of Robert Bruce, to Portugal during the Age of Discovery, to the trenches of France during World War I, and to the American Hoovervilles of the Great Depression.

Author Website

A graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, John Jeter has worked as an editor and reporter for theChicago Sun-Times, the San Antonio Express-News, and the St. Petersburg Times. He is the author of two nationally published books, including Rockin' A Hard Place (Hub City Press, 2012), a memoir of his years owning and managing one of the South's premier music concert venues. A television series based on the memoir is currently in production. His first novel, The Plunder Room, was published by St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne Books in 2010. This is his first major collaboration. He lives with his wife in Greenville, South Carolina.

Buy links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | ITunes Kobo | Smashwords

Books by Brick Marlin

Shadow Out of the Sky ( 2 4 5 eBooks {ePub or mobi - International})

An evil entity invades and terrorizes a small town by possessing children, forcing their hands to kill and slaughter each and every adult, while a small group fight to survive in this apocalyptic tale. The entity's plan is to shove the human race into extinction so a new world can Shift forward, a new world designed by four demons called The Reckoning that flying inside their own transparent spheres.

Ozarium ( 1  2 3 4 5 eBooks {ePub or mobi - International})

The Shift of the world transitioned without delusion. The Reckoning has molded a brand new world, beginning with a colony ran by a large corporation called Slader Corp which invents a bizarre lottery, randomly choosing a winner, awarding him or her with infamous amounts of BodyKredd to spend nearly however they wish; though, in turn, surrendering their bodies to the demi agents when they come calling.
But what happens when a child wins the lottery?

Brick has a new small tale which takes place between "Ozarium" and the new book he's been working on, kind of an accompaniment. 

You can read it here:

At an early age Brick Marlin was exposed to horror and science fiction. He soon became an avid reader and enjoyed stories written by Edgar Allen Poe and W. W. Jacobs. His other favorite tales were written by Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, J. B. Stamper—which he still to this day recollects her terrifying tale “The Furry Collar”—Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, H.G. Wells, etc. Not long after did he decide to write horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy he began scaring readers such as his parents, his friends, a handful of neighbors, and even leaving a few school teachers scratching their heads wondering if the boy should be committed or not. His very first book was written when he was 9—a mere 100 words, if that, written on index cards and bound together with yarn—which was a follow-up to the movie Rikki Tikki Tavi. From then on short story ideas continued to visit. A book idea or two sometimes stopped by for a sit. And gathering the craft of world building and characterization by posing as a Dungeon Master while playing hours and hours of the game Dungeons and Dragons fed his need. When 2007 arrived he decided to pursue writing professionally and was able to have The Darkened Image published. Brick Marlin is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has published 11 novels, over 25 short stories, including a few which has shown up in anthologies such as Dystopian Express released by Hydra Publications.

Nowadays Brick Marlin loves to cast himself as an introvert when writing, staving off the outside world by hiding out in his office. The only thing which sometimes break the invisible force field is the dreaded literary gremlin and its miserable clan of misfits. If you see one, you know there’s more around. Much like that cockroach you notice when you open the kitchen draw of utensils and find out that cockroach has just birthed cockroach babies. 

And the best thing to do in those circumstances are to feed the literary creatures Extra Sour Apple-Flavored Fizzle, Pop & Explode Candies Extreme Fizz Series One.

Unless of course you have cockroaches. Then you’ll need an exterminator.



Prize One
I will make a $15 donation to the winner's choice of a human rights organization, such as the ACLU, Boys and Girls Club, Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Amnesty International, It Gets Better, Planned Parenthood, or another human rights organization of your choice, perhaps your local chapter or a local organization. This giveaway is open internationally.

WINNER - DARLENE (We Are Always Watching)
Prize Two
Winner's choice - one of these three (3) newly released horror novels (Kindle editions)

Giveaway Details
This is a readathon participant only giveaway. To be eligible, you must have signed up, participated and added a link to the official readathon wrap-up post (I will give everyone until Wednesday {April 3rd} at 11:59 pm CDT to complete their wrap-ups) AND filled out the Google form below to show your interest in winning. We have a total of 15 prizes. This means there will be 15 winners. I will award prizes on a first come, first served basis. I will draw the 15 winners with and email all 15 at the same time. The first person who emails me back with their choice gets that prize. I will mark off the prizes as they are taken. In the event that we end up with left over prizes, you will have a chance to win a second (and perhaps third) prize. All eBook prizes will be sent to winner via email (or you will be given a coupon code) so please specify what format you require in your email. Winners will be chosen after the wrap-up post deadline (see above).

Good luck!


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