Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sci-Fi Summer #Readathon - Mid-Event Check-in (sort of) and some news

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So, how is your sci-fi (fantasy) reading going? I hope all is going well. I'm halfway through Childhood's End and really enjoying it.

Share your progress, or a link to your update, in the comments. Now on to the...

I've been hearing this statement (or close to it) here and there around our social media..."This needs to be a month long event!" Well, you spoke, and I listened. Sci-Fi Summer is officially extended throughout June, and future Sci-Fi Summers will now always be month long events. Since it is now a month long, the rules will change a bit. Yes, you still need to show that you are/have been reading science fiction (or fantasy), but you can also read in other genres as well. I've updated our current button to reflect our extension to the entire month. Woot!

Now for the next bit of news. I like to have at least a month buffer between each month long readathon. Since Sci-Fi Summer is now a month long event, that would lead us straight into High Summer in July. So, I'm moving High Summer to August! It will work well for me because I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month (I often participate each summer). I hope everyone is okay with the change.

Sci-Fi Summer Prizes

Winner - Tara O.
From your host
Winner's choice of any print book title from the bargain books (these are used books) section of Better World Books. They ship internationally. (priced below $5.00) OR a $5.00 Amazon eGift card. One Winner

Winners - Kai, ...
Prize from Elyse LeMieux, moderator at the 75 Books Goodreads group, and a member of our Goodreads group

(1) (2) $5 or less Amazon Kindle Books 2 Winners

Giveaway Details
This is a readathon participant only giveaway. To be eligible, you must have signed up, participated and added a link to the official readathon wrap-up post (I will give everyone until Friday, July 5th at 11:59 pm CST to complete their wrap-ups). We no longer use a linky for wrap-ups. The Google form on our wrap-up post is where you will enter your info, your wrap-up link, and answer yes/no on whether you want to win a prize or not. We have a total of 3 prizes. This means there will be 3 winners. I will award prizes on a first come, first served basis. I will draw the 3 winners with and email all 3 at the same time. The first person who emails me back with their choice gets that prize. I will mark off the prizes as they are taken. Winners will be chosen after the wrap-up post deadline (see above).


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  1. Love that it's going to be a month long!
    So far I've finished The Consuming Fire. I'm about halfway through The Psychology of Time on my Kindle and The Three Body Problem on audio.

  2. Woohoo! Time to add more to my TBR! lol

  3. Ugh... I pushed through and finished Dune. What a slog. By page 200 I didn't care for the book, but I persisted. By page 600 I came to actively hate it. I'm so glad I'm done. Moving on to Her Body and Other Parties, which is a collection of short stories with fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and magical realism themes

  4. Yay for a month! The only thing better than a Month of SciFi is a Month of Horror; or a Month of SciHorror!

  5. Yay! Glad to hear it's running all month. I have been posting updates on Twitter. I finished Parasite by Mira Grant. I'm currently reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and listening to Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I have a couple of Overdrive holds queued up, but I really want to get back to Parasitology series!

  6. Here's progress up to the 15th:

  7. Here's progress up to the 15th:

  8. Childhood's End is a great book. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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