Sunday, November 25, 2018

#Christmas Spirit #Readathon - Mid-Event Check-In #CSreadathon

So, how is the festive reading going? The first week was a whirlwind with Thanksgiving and all. I haven't been able to do any Christmas reading, but I'm seeking to remedy that this week and next weekend.

Share your progress in the comments, or a link to your post.

Also, the prize page is live here.

Don't forget, you can keep the Christmas reading going all season long with the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge, hosted over at my Christmas blog. It runs all the way until January 6th. Would love to have you. Here is my Christmas reading stack for this readathon and the reading challenge. I know I probably won't get to them all, but I like to have choices.


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  1. Wow! Mid event already? I've been slow as a turtle but consistent. Almost done my first read which is a cozy mystery. I think I figured out whodunit in chapter 20. Continuing on!

  2. Am chugging along with two books on the go. Hoping to get at least one of them completed by the end of this readathon.
    Have watched 3 Christmas movies though lol.

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