Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sci-Fi Summer #Readathon - Midevent Check-in and #Prizes #SciFiJune

For those of you who aren't on Facebook...I admit to being MIA during the first week of the readathon. I had a health scare last week (cellulitis in my leg), they tried to put me in the hospital, but my leg wasn't bad. It was just because I'm allergic to SO MANY antibiotics. I told him NO about admitting me. Non-compliant, I know. He gave me a course of Doxycycline and I was determined to not have a reaction, and I didn't. I'm finally feeling like my old self. Earlier in the readathon I was being bad and not reading sci-fi. What!? I was hooked on finishing The Treatment by Mo Hayder. Wow! What a great book. Don't worry though. I'm not being that big of a rule breaker, although you guys know I'm not a huge stickler for rules. I started Fahrenheit 451 yesterday. It's a short one so when I've finished it, I'm going to read Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer.

How is the reading going for you? I hope everyone is enjoying it. It's going by so fast!

Share your progress in the comments, or leave a link, or update us in the Facebook group.

I hope you continue to enjoy the readathon!

A big thanks to P.L. Parker for her prize donation!


Note: The author of the book donated would greatly appreciate a review, if you win, on your blog and/or social media and/or on Goodreads, Amazon. Thank you!

Abaddon Rising, Book 3, Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series by P.L. Parker (eBook - One winner)

One of a million statistics in the intergalactic war, Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured, sold as a slave and then forced to fight in the Deg’Nara gladiator games. She’s slated to lose when Kanaan, the most feared warrior of all, claims her as his own.
With his help, Joss’s chances of survival increase, but is it enough?

Kanaan filled his lungs and roared, head thrown back as he issued the challenge. “She belongs to me! I claim her!”
From behind him, he caught the female’s startled gasp. 

Available on Amazon

About the Author
I am a dreamer, an avid reader of fiction, a sometimes gardener and an inept crafter. I live in Idaho, with my husband, three sons, daughter-in-law and little granddaughter. I love to travel, but always return to my beloved Idaho. For many years, I performed and taught dance but as time passed, I decided to try my hand at a new endeavor - writing. I enjoy life and all its promises.

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I will make a $15 donation to the winner's choice of a human rights organization, such as the ACLU, Boys and Girls Club, Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Amnesty International, It Gets Better, Planned Parenthood, or another human rights organization of your choice, perhaps your local chapter or a local organization. This giveaway is open internationally.

Giveaway Details

This is a readathon participant only giveaway. To be eligible, you must have signed up, participated and added a link to the official readathon wrap-up post (I will give everyone until Monday, June 18th at 11:59 pm CDT to complete their wrap-ups) AND filled out the Google form below to show your interest in winning (your wrap-up link should be added to the form as well). We have a total of 2 prizes. This means there will be 2 winners. I will award prizes on a first come, first served basis. I will draw the 2 winners with and email both at the same time. The first person who emails me back with their choice gets that prize. I will mark off the prizes as they are taken. Winners will be chosen after the wrap-up post deadline (see above).


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  1. Glad to hear your illness wasn't as serious as it could have been. We watched Farenheit 451 this weekend (the new HBO one) and it was surprisingly good. Hope you enjoy Annihilation. That movie confused me :)

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