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Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon: Prize Promotion Page

This is the prize promotion page for all the prizes being given way for the read-a-thon.  At the end of this post, you will find details regarding how the prizes will be awarded at the end of the read-a-thon.

Note: For anyone who wins one of the books donated by these kind authors (J.L. Murphey and Lisa Hollar), an honest review would be much appreciated.

Zombie Apocalypse by J.L. Murphey (3 2 1 eBooks--International) WINNERS--Melissa, Belinda,
Dr. Donna Cairn is a genetics researcher for the Center of Disease Control. When the CDC issued the Zombie Apocalypse Alert, she discounted it as a way of advertising hurricane preparedness. When a conspiracy buff working with her in the silo speaks to her about the debunked Hapgood theory of Earth Crust Displacement, she again discounts it as just that some wacko, paranoid rambling. But when radiation levels after the Japanese earthquakes starting rising, all bets were off.

Simple dog bite patients are dying from a mysterious fever. Bodies start coming up missing from the morgues across the globe. When the death count reaches over one quarter of the world’s population dying due to this new plague, the CDC sends their best virologist, Kit Seger, to help Donna in her quest of finding the virus in her converted missile silo laboratory in Nebraska.

The dead have risen and hunger for human flesh. She never believed in zombies before, but now she believes in them. Can she and Kit find the cure before mankind becomes extinct? How do you cure people who are already dead? And better yet, how do you kill the dead?
Can it be that Donna’s unborn niece and nephew are the answer? With the earthquakes rumbling, zombies at the gate, and time running out will they find what they are looking for? Man can only hope.

About the author:
I live in Coastal Georgia. Married and have had my soul mate in my life for over twenty years.We have four beautiful daughters and six absolutely wonderful grandchildren.

I've been a published writer for over thirty years. Genres under various pen names include, suspense/thrillers, science fiction, children, southern fiction, nonfiction, Christian nonfiction, and inspiration/motivation nonfiction, and humor. Articles published in various magazines. 

Visit J.L.'s WEBSITE
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The Second Wave: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale (short story) by Lisa McCourt Hollar (1 eBook copy--International)
A young woman, Fran, seeks refuge from the cold in an Ohio farmhouse. Wanting to forget the past several months and the horror she has witnessed, she convinces herself that she is safe, at least for the moment. Relaxing and enjoying the winter scene, she falls asleep and wakes to a new nightmare. Soon she learns that what happened at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse wasn't the worst of it.

About the author:
I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, wife to the most wonderful man in the world and an author that writes both children's stories and horror short stories. I am currently working on a Vampire novel, but not the kind where they are all fuzzy and warm and don't hurt anyone. My vampires do what vampires do...kill. But that doesn't make them bad.

Visit Lisa: Blog | Facebook | Twitter
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Donated by Kai at Fiction State of Mind

Quintessence by David Walton ( One print copy--U.S. only)  Winner--Sarah
Imagine an Age of Exploration full of alchemy, human dissection, sea monsters, betrayal, torture, religious controversy, and magic. In Europe, the magic is thin, but at the edge of the world, where the stars reach down close to the Earth, wonders abound. This drives the bravest explorers to the alluring Western Ocean. Christopher Sinclair is an alchemist who cares only about one thing: quintessence, a substance he believes will grant magical powers and immortality. And he has a ship.

Winner One-- Jane Harfeld
Winner Two--Darlene 

Two International winners will receive the book of their choice under $5 from  They have a great selection of bargain and used books and they have free worldwide shipping so finding a book you want under $5 should be a breeze!


Giveaway Details:  This is a read-a-thon participant only giveaway.  To be eligible, you must sign in at the starting line post when you start to read and complete a wrap-up post at the end and link it here at Seasons of Reading at the official read-a-thon wrap-up post (I will give everyone until Tuesday morning, 4/30, at 10am CST to complete their wrap-up posts).  We have a total of 7 prizes.  This means there will be 7 winners. The first winner chosen will get first choice of all prizes listed and I will continue in this manner until all 7 winners are drawn. All eBook prizes will be sent to winner via email (Smashwords coupon code). Winners will be chosen after the wrap-up post deadline (see above).  

Don't forget about the giveaway being hosted by Pam at Midnyte Reader for read-a-thon participants. You can enter that HERE.

Any questions?  Please leave me a comment with your email address.

A big thanks to all who donated prizes! It is greatly appreciated!


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