Instructions for linking up (Goodreads)

If you are participating from Goodreads, there are two ways you can do this. 

1)  Create a shelf in "My Books." In the screenshot below, I created a shelf titled "Readathon" and added a few books just as a reference. 

In your books, click on your "Readathon" shelf (tip: name the shelf according to the readathon you're participating in. For example: FrightFall Readathon). 

You'll know you're on the correct shelf when you see the title of the shelf at the top of the page to the right of "My Books." Go up to the address bar (highlighted in yellow). This is the url you will copy and paste into the linky form on the signup or starting line post. (An example of that form is at the bottom of this page.)

2) Participate from our Seasons of Reading Readathon Goodreads group. 

First, find the readathon you are participating in on the group discussion board and enter the thread (click the title).

Post a comment stating and/or showing what you plan to read for the readathon. Once you post your comment, click on the time and date for your comment. This will give you the url in the address bar that you can copy and paste into the linky form. Check out the two following examples.

Copy the link in the address bar (highlighted in yellow in the example below). This is the link you will post in the linky signup form. (An example of that form is at the bottom of this page.)

Type your name in the first box (highlighted green), then paste the link you copied (from one of the options above) into the second box (highlighted yellow). Check the box for the privacy policy (below the url box) and click enter. You will then see your name in the list above the form (not shown).

I hope this helps clear up some confusion when it comes to participating from Goodreads. Many of our readers now participate that way, but remember, you can participate from anywhere...your blog, or any social media platform. 

As always, if you have any questions, send me a message via the contact tab in the sidebar menu.

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