Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sci-Fi Summer Read-a-Thon - Midweek Check-in #SciFiSummerJune

Is it midweek check-in time already? Wow! This week has been so weird. I apologize for not stopping by and visiting everyone yet (although I have interacted a bit in our Facebook group). I am slowly making my way through the linky as of tonight (or this morning, since it's after midnight now).

I have not had a chance to read my book choice, Contact by Carl Sagan, but hoping to catch up this weekend. Be sure to leave an update in the comments, or a link to your blog update, or stop by the group, (or Twitter) and update us.


I'm giving away your choice of 3 books for $10 from the Bargain Bin at BETTERWORLDBOOKS.COM to one winner. (Please keep in mind these are used books...generally.) They have a great selection and it's one of my favorite places to shop for books because 1) great prices 2) free shipping, even internationally, and 3) because this...."We've re-used or recycled over 216 million pounds of books and raised over $18 million for global literacy and local libraries. Every book you buy or donate expands our collective impact." Win-Win!
(This giveaway is open internationally) Fill out the form below if you'd like a chance at the giveaway.


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  1. I'm having a horrible time reading! I started off strong and I'm waning big time. I may switch to yet another new book, that'll be my fourth! I am Legend and other Tales might be more up my alley though.

    Good luck with the rest of your week!

  2. I just finished the Contamination boxed set. I was entertained. Lol. My reading is down too. Unfortunately I have been sick off and on and it is taking a toll on my reading. :-( But I will keep going and hopefully get in one more book.

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