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A Winter's Respite: Prize Promotion Page #WintersRespite

UPDATE: New prizes added!

This is the prize promotion page for all the prizes being given away for the read-a-thon.  We have a couple of amazing book prizes donated from some very generous authors and one from me! At the end of this post, you will find details regarding how the prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the read-a-thon.

Note: If you do win one of the book prizes by these fine authors, a review on your blog and/or on Goodreads and Amazon would be appreciated. Thanks!

(Winner - Phil)
The Grip of God by Rebecca Hazell 
(One Kindle eBook--International)

The Grip of God is the first novel in an epic historical trilogy, The Tiger and the Dove. The saga’s heroine, Sofia, is a young princess of Kievan Rus who recounts her capture in battle and life of slavery to a young army captain in the Mongol hordes that are flooding Europe. Not only is her life shattered, it is haunted by a prophecy that catalyzes bitter rivalries in her new master's powerful family and shadowed by the leader of the Mongol invasion, Genghis Khan's grandson. How will she learn to survive in a world of total war, much less rediscover the love she once took for granted? Always seeking to escape and menaced by outer enemies and inner turmoil, where can she find safe haven even if she can break free? Clear eyed and intelligent, Sofia refuses to believe that life is solely about the strong dominating the weak or about taking endless revenge. Her story is based on actual historical events, which determine much of her destiny. But as she matures, she learns to reflect on her times--and to transcend their fetters. In doing so, she recreates a lost era for us, her readers. Readers will delight in this very personal and engaging tale from a time that set the stage for many of the conflicts of today's world.

About the author
Rebecca Hazell is a an award winning artist, author and educator. She has written, illustrated and published four non-fiction children’s books, created best selling educational filmstrips, designed educational craft kits for children and even created award winning needlepoint canvases.

She is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, and she holds an honours BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz in Russian and Chinese history.

Rebecca lived for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1988 she and her family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in 2006 she and her husband moved to Vancouver Island. They live near their two adult children in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

Visit Rebecca:
Website | Goodreads | Facebook

(Winners -- Abigail, Kristi)
Who Killed 'Tom Jones'? by Gale Martin
(2 One Kindle or Nook eBooks--International)
In Gale Martin’s newest novel, Ellie Overton is a 28-year-old rest home receptionist with a pussycat nose who also happens to be gaga for the pop singer Tom Jones. Regrettably single, she is desperate to have a white-hot love relationship, like those she’s read about in romance novels. Following an astrological hunch, she attends a Tom Jones Festival and meets an available young impersonator with more looks and personality than talent. Though he’s knocked out of the contest, he’s still in the running to become Ellie’s blue-eyed soul mate—until he’s accused of killing off the competition. It’s not unusual that the handsome police detective working the case is spending more time pursuing Ellie than collaring suspects. So, she enlists some wily and witty rest home residents to help find the real murderer. Will Ellie crack the case? Must she forfeit her best chance for lasting love to solve the crime?

About the author
Gale Martin is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction who plied her childhood penchant for lying into a legitimate literary pursuit during midlife. In 2011 Booktrope Editions published her debut novel DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA, a humorous backstage story about an opera company trying to stage Don Giovanni, which was named a “Best Kindle Book of 2013” by Digital Book Today. GRACE UNEXPECTED (2012) features a professional woman with a heart of fool’s gold, who unexpectedly gets entangled in a love triangle. Gale regrets never having the chance to throw a single unmentionable at Sir Tom Jones or one of his tribute artists. She has an MA in creative writing from Wilkes University. You can find out more about her at her website:

Visit Gale:
Website | Facebook | Goodreads Author Page | Twitter (@Gale_Martin)
Email:  galemartin (dot) writer (at) gmail (dot) com

(Winners: Diana, Jane H.)
Four Rubbings by Jennifer Hotes
(2  One eBooks (ePub or mobi)--International)

The night the barrier between the dead and the living is as thin as muslin. Fourteen-year old Josie, haunted by the death of her mother, leads her best friends to an ancient cemetery to rub graves. Convinced she will come away with proof of her mother’s spirit at last, the evening takes an unexpected turn as the teens gravitate four ways into the haunted grounds. Set against the backdrop of the rainy Pacific Northwest, four graves will be rubbed, touching off a series of events that will rattle their once mundane lives. From the lonely World War II hero to an accused witch, the people buried beneath the stones have stories that need an ending. The journey to unravel the mysteries leaves the friends wondering if the graves would’ve been better off left alone.

About the Author:
Raised across the river from a nuclear reactor, Jennifer thought two-headed animals at the county fair were normal until she moved to the big city. Jennifer has been looking at the world through a cracked kaleidoscope since she was born and has been writing since her parents pushed her crib against a blank wall. You can find the writer/illustrator most days in her loft, sketching for the Inventor-in-Training series, or jotting down random thoughts. Fortunate enough to marry her best friend, she and her husband currently reside in the Seattle area with their two daughters, two cats and one unruly puppy. Jennifer is a board member for Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation and chairs the organization’s largest fundraiser, the annual luncheon. She loves supporting this group of social workers, nurses and chaplains as they walk with families through the hardest path life offers.

Connect With Jennifer:
Facebook | Goodreads | Website  
Twitter: @JenniferLhotes

(Winners: Sarah, Julie)

Charis: Journey to Pandora's Jar by Nicole Y. Waters
(2 one eBooks (ePub or mobi)--International)
Thirteen-year-old Charis Parks has five days to save mankind. What she thought was mere mythology has become her reality … she alone must reverse the curse of Pandora’s Jar. If Charis is to fulfill her destiny, she has to face her fears against the darker forces of Hades and the blood-thirsty Erinyes Sisters who help him. Together with the gods and her best friend Gabe, Charis takes a fantastic journey to Pandora’s Jar where she must release the only spirit that remains trapped inside – the spirit of Hope. Or else …

About the author: 

Nicole Walters lives in Seattle with her husband and childhood sweetheart Marc. She finds the rainy days perfect for writing and inviting just the right amount of melancholy to sweetly pine for her grown children. About the Illustrator: Vincent Andrew Conard lives in Long Beach, California with his fetching wife, Alison, and their lovely daughter named, interestingly enough, Charis. He’s also blessed to be the author’s big (head) brother. (Collossians 3:17)

Connect with Nicole: 

Website | Facebook | Goodreads 
 Twitter: @nicoleywalters

(Winners -- Lindsey, ...)
Seducer Fey by Cullyn Royson 
(2 One eBooks (ePub or mobi)--International)
When the fairies of Celtic mythology are combined with genetic engineering, youth and charisma can be sold.

The mid-twenty-first century has brought about advancements for social justice and genetic engineering. Fluid gender identity and sexuality are widely accepted in society. The scientific quest for immortality is more popular than ever. Physical appeal, however, isn’t just about youthfulness. Any researcher who discovers the secret to charisma will make millions.

During a prospective college visit to Dalhousie University, Danny and her crush, Cassidy, are invited to the home of an eerily captivating student named Taban. There Danny learns that her DNA could be used to create a form of genetic therapy to give people longer lives for a hefty price. Danny’s life is at risk because her rights to her DNA would get in the way of this plan. Cassidy vows to protect her friend. Unfortunately for the two young women, Taban has other motives.

About the Author: 

Cullyn Royson is a twenty-two year old graduate of The Evergreen State College. A combination of biology classes, swimming, fencing, and martial arts helps to inspire Cullyn’s writing. As a child and teen Cullyn performed magic tricks and made balloon animals for school talent shows.

Connect with Cullyn: 

Website | Goodreads | Facebook
Twitter: @cullynroyson

(Winners-- Kortney, Darlene)
Running Secrets by Arleen Williams 
(2 One eBooks (ePub or mobi)--International)
In RUNNING SECRETS, flight attendant Chris Stevens is bent on self-destruction until she meets Gemi Kemmal, an Ethiopian home healthcare provider. Gemi and Jake, a paramedic, help Chris heal from and confront her difficult past, and regain a passion for living. In the process, Chris and Gemi forge an unusual friendship that bridges cultural, racial and age differences. Their friendship gives both women the support each needs.

Gemi comes to question restrictive traditions dictating her immigrant life, such as the headscarf she’s worn since entering puberty and the celibacy she’s practiced since the brutal death of her husband and infant in the violence that destroyed her homeland and family. Chris uncovers family secrets that challenge everything she's ever known to be true. Together the women learn that racial identity is a choice, self expression is a right, and family is a personal construct.

About the author: 

Arleen Williams is the author of The Thirty-Ninth Victim, a memoir of her family’s journey before and after her sister's murder. She teaches English as a Second Language at South Seattle Community College and has worked with immigrants and refugees for close to three decades. Arleen lives and writes in West Seattle. Running Secrets is her first work of fiction as well as the first book in The Alki Trilogy. To learn more, please visit

Connect with Arleen: 


(Winners: Piper, Tanya)
The Collection by T.K. Lasser 
(2  One eBooks (ePub or mobi)--International)
Jane Smith is as ordinary as her name…except for her innate and special ”talent” that allows her to separate fact from fiction. Known by her friends as the “human lie detector”, Jane can call you on every fib – when she’s courageous enough to stir up a bit of controversy. Unfortunately, her ability usually gets her in more trouble than it’s worth.

Lucien is a high-class art forger and thief with 700 years of experience under his immortal belt. Five brief years in the making, he has finished his latest masterpiece – an exact replica of a multi-million dollar bronze sculpture. This latest piece now resides in Atlanta’s High Museum of Art having been switched for the genuine at his restoration business. As luck would have it, the minute Jane enters the exhibit, she recognizes the fake.

Overcoming her usual shyness, Jane can’t help but comment on the impressive imitation, shocking Lucien with her knowledge and leading him to challenge her accusations. While distracted by their argument, they are kidnapped by one of Lucien’s unhappy customers – someone who suspects the goods he received are less than genuine. When Jane is mistaken for Lucien’s girlfriend, they are both ensnared in a ruthless plot of high stakes acquisition and murder by the maniacal former client, a black market art buyer.

How many people will die before Lucien and his ancient family of co-conspirators can free themselves from the modern world’s most vengeful villain: an unsatisfied customer.

About the author: 

T. K. Lasser picks up stakes every few years to see something new, if not pleasant. She can be found typing to ease a creative mania that would otherwise be spent on disastrous DIY and ear-splitting ukulele performances. Her family is supportive and enthusiastic about this whole writing thing, and for this she is extremely grateful.

Connect with T.K. Lasser

WebsiteGoodreads | Facebook
Twitter: @TikiLasser

(Winners: TFrances, Create with Joy)
Two One winners will each receive a $5 eGift card from Amazon.

Giveaway Details: This is a read-a-thon participant only giveaway. To be eligible, you must sign in at the starting line post when you start to read and complete a wrap-up post at the end and link it here at Seasons of Reading at the official read-a-thon wrap-up post (I will give everyone until Tuesday (2/4) at 11:59pm CST to complete their wrap-up posts). We have a total of 15 prizes. This means there will be 15 winners. The first winner chosen will get first choice of all prizes listed and I will continue in this manner until all 15 winners are drawn. All eBook prizes will be sent to winner via email as Kindle gift, or as a ePub or mobi file. Winners will be chosen after the wrap-up post deadline (see above) using

Good luck and Happy Reading!


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  1. Great gifts! I had not heard about Gift of God, and am particularly interested. We lived in Kyiv, Ukraine for 10 months, so the history of Kyiv, the exile of the princes that led to the creation of Muscovy, and the repeated invasions of Kyiv are fascinating topics to me.

  2. That's great, Phil. Let's hope you get lucky, right? I just had word that I may be adding more prizes. Gale, one of the authors, is going to see if her manager can get some donations from some more authors so be sure to check back to see if I've added anything. =O)

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